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Wondering how much HVAC replacement cost in Austin, TX? We’re a team that gets you prices for HVAC replacement, repairs, and service from companies near you.

The #1 HVAC Replacement Calculator in Austin, TX

  • HVAC Avg. Cost for 1,200 Sq. Ft. Home: $2,556
  • HVAC Avg. Cost for 1,500 Sq. Ft. Home: $2,785
  • HVAC Avg. Cost for 2,000 Sq. Ft. Home: $3,601
  • HVAC Avg. Cost for 2,500 Sq. Ft. Home: $4,512
  • HVAC Avg. Cost for 3,000 Sq. Ft. Home: $5,500

Additionally, there will be a cost for installation, which will vary by company.

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We’re a team that gets you prices for HVAC replacement in Austin, Texas. Get started with a new HVAC system and find out what costs you can expect to pay!

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We’re HVAC Service Cost and we specialize in finding you the best prices available on the HVAC maintenance, repair, or replacement services you need for your business or home HVAC unit.

HVAC Prices That Work for You

Austin sees tremendously high temperatures throughout the year – especially during the summertime. This means that Austin residents count on the HVAC units in their home or workplace to keep them comfortable throughout the day.

With these HVAC systems working so hard, the need for repair, maintenance, or even replacement is inevitable. HVAC services can be expensive, especially if you are looking to have your current unit replaced.

To help keep you comfortable both thermally and financially, we compile prices from HVAC providers in Austin on both service cost and unit prices from top HVAC brands like Rheem, Lennox, Carrier, and Trane. It’s our goal to save you money while finding you the HVAC services you need to keep your people comfortable.

How Much Does HVAC Replacement in Austin, TX?

HVAC Replacement Costs That Beat Austin’s Average Price.

Part of finding an Austin HVAC replacement at a good price means finding a provider that will get you a deal that’s lower than average. In Austin, the average HVAC replacement costs between $5,120 and $7,920.

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Beating the Average Prices for HVAC in Austin

The price for HVAC replacement in Austin starts at $4,000 and may range up to $12,000, depending on the unit. Determining the average for the particular HVAC services you need will depend upon a few variables, but we guarantee to help you beat the average.

You’re trying to keep your home or business comfortable, don’t pay more than you need to for HVAC services in Austin. Call today to receive a quote on affordable HVAC services that you can count on.

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Whether it’s maintenance or a full unit replacement, we promise to get you quality, reliable HVAC services at a price that can’t be beaten. Call HVAC Service Cost today for a free quote in Austin, TX.

How Much Does HVAC Repair Cost in Austin, TX?

On average, Austin homeowners will invest around $311 for an HVAC repair. Most HVAC companies charge between $88-$123 an hour for labor.

Are you ready to get started with HVAC replacement services? Do you want to find the most affordable price possible? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place!

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Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing
6016 Dillard Cir
Austin, TX 78752

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Smart Air Cooling and Heating
3903 Warehouse Row, Ste D
Austin, TX 78704

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Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing
10315 Metropolitan Dr Suite A
Austin, TX 78758

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McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning
2620 Buell Ave
Austin, TX 78757

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